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Medical Device

Over the years we have developed hundreds of  business contacts with well established companies as well as start-ups in the medical devices sector.
The companies we represent offer products to advanced  medical projects such as: stents, endoscopes, surgical devices, dental implants, orthopedics implants, catheters, and more...


We were involved in few major project in the Israeli semi conductor industry.
Among  our customers for Asic projects were some of the leading high-tech companies such as DSPC, M-System (SanDisk), NDS, Pointer,  Ytran  and more.


Military & Aerospace

SA.SAGUY has long years of experience in the validation & authorization process of international companies to the Israeli military & aerospace industries.
We are marketing our represented companies products to the Israeli Military Industry, the Israeli  Aircrafts Industry,, Elbit , Elta, Rafael,  and more.



For over 20 years we represent European and US technology companies to the Israeli advanced industries . 

We have succeeded to establish a dominant position in key sectors of the Israeli markets including the Medical, Electronic, Military & Aerospace sectors.

Over the years we have established hundreds of business contacts and our cumulated sales performance are of several hundreds millions USD. 

We integrate long years of experience in the marketing, negotiation and sales of  technical  products and projects . Our professionalism and dedication to customer needs have enabled us to establish a solid network of satisfied and reliable clients .



3 Erez St, POB 54 

Savyon 5651414, Israel

Tel: +972 3 5342321

Fax: +972 3 5348564

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